Filmtipp: Contraband

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  1. (DVD) After a mission gone awry, Marine snpier Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) now leads a solitary existence in the mountains of Wyoming. When he is called back to assist a covert military group (headed by Danny Glover) in determining how to pull off an assasination attempt, he soon discovers that he’s been set up in an elaborate ruse to take the fall. Hell hath no fury like a Marine scorned, and Swagger becomes a PO’ed two-man army (once he hooks up with disgraced FBI agent Michael Pena), determined to bring the real culprits to justice. Directd by Antoine Fuqua ( Training Day ), this high octane conspiracy thriller just doesn’t let up and will keep the viewer guessing. Though it’s pretty violent it’s well worth watching! My only drawback was having to hear Glover’s dialogue was it me or did he have some really ill-fitting dentures that provided him with the most annoying lisp. I was just waiting for them to fall out. Overall though, Glover has not given a more chilling performance since Witness, and Wahlberg who can also be pretty menacing, proves to be a great action hero. The DVD extras include a great behind the scenes segment featuring the technical advisor, himself a former military snpier, who provides insight into that occupation as well as the weapons used in the movie.

    Aslm, 7 years ago

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