Gone – Clip 1

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  1. i loved this book i loved this book and I hope there is never a movie because the mionve could never live up to the amazing book but a movie about Libbit’s life dosn’t seem that bad

    Ruturaj, 8 years ago

  2. Hahahaha, a real hater here, are you also white by any chance, haahahha!! He should never have had the fame he received because you say so??? The fact he did have that fame is because of the brilliance. It wasnt a fluke loolHey, you cant please everyone, if you dont like him thats fine, but to cuss him about being a peado? Where is your proof cause thats a very strong statement, the worst thing you can say about someone, looks like you’re judge and jury? haahahha .

    Univera, 8 years ago

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