Hinter der Tür.

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  1. Byakuya in a tuxedo with a cane and top-hat.Shunsui snroruuded by women. (With a likely jelaous Nanao behind him)Toshiro in a schoolboy outfit.Kenpachi and Yachiru getting candy for a trainride.And Kisuke (also in a tux) escorting Yoruichi (in a dress) while Soifon looks on, jealous.I think that seeing Byakuya in a tux however must be a dream come true for many fangirls.

    Rachid, 8 years ago

  2. WOW! The proof is in the shake -not the pudding. So glad to be a part of such a great cmpaony with unlimited possibilities. Truly life changing, I really mean that!!! I thank you all for your kindness, humour and leadership. Life is meant to be enjoyed and shared with others in a positive way. Thanks for being the charge in my solar battery!

    Jeff, 8 years ago

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