King of Devil’s Island

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  1. Feb02tinkerbell132130 So why is this such a big hit? He’s just another kid. Anyone can live their derams. There’s no reason to worship them Yuck! I can’t believe this is a movie. He’s such a conceited whelp *barf* Besides he’s merely a sex icon. Hollywood is exploiting him. I actually feel sorry for him. Maybe one day he’ll learn the definition of mature and grow up. NAW!

    Jones, 8 years ago

  2. yes, it is in morrowind and it is in ovoibiln, slightly changed but it is still the same theme . if you haven’t heard it then maybe you should turn up the volume a little louder. i know it is in ovoibiln because i had the game in the ps3, going backwards and forward between the ps3 and my workstation. whilst i was creating it. so i know FOR A FACT that it is featured in ovoibiln

    Soniya, 8 years ago

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