Madagascar 3 – Flucht durch Europa

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  1. Feb02Immabeme6439 Its not that he’s just another kid! Its the fact that he didnt know he was gonna get her so fast . Its a jury life’s a climb!! And u never know when ur gonna reach the top!! So if ur a hater SCREW U!! He is very tatneled. I wish all the haters would f**k off him!! I am gettin tired when there’s a new artist someone always has to hate!! Its yall dont like any type of music!! Pick ur favorite and stop hating on everyone elses music for cryin out loud!! GET A LIFE! I am down now. We luv Justin!!

    Jarry, 8 years ago

  2. Deep tihnking – adds a new dimension to it all.

    Ojele, 8 years ago

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