Magic Silver 2 – Die Suche nach dem magischen Horn

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  1. Feb02tinkerbell132130 So why is this such a big hit. He’s just another kid. Anyone can live their drmeas. There’s no reason to worship them Yuck! I can’t believe this is a movie. He’s such a conceited whelp *barf* Besides he’s merely a sex icon. Hollywood is exploiting him. I actually feel sorry for him. Maybe one day he’ll learn the definition of mature and grow up. NAW!

    Roberto, 8 years ago

  2. Well Mr. Spud, If that is your real name, It just so happens that this September 5th hiloday called Concrete Galoshes Day is a celebration of the end of Summer, by signifying the stead fast attitude we have by encasing our feet in concrete galoshes. As for Cousin Steve, he will have to address all comments directed towards him personally.

    Andrea, 8 years ago

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