Sams im Glück

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  1. piga savvato vrady kai eida tin taniia proti seira sto makedoniko..kako auto..alla i taniia stroti me exairetiki atmosfaira..europaiki..proigoumenos eixa dei to happy feet..xeneroto.,

    Ilir, 8 years ago

  2. As a painter of paortsal scenes, I find this post very interesting. I have always preferred painting natural landscapes, I thought because I love the outdoors and the colors of light, and natural forms and textures are just more appealing to me than cityscapes. I experience a deep peace studying and painting these places which I try to convey in my work. Perhaps this peace is a primal one. Certainly I will be looking at landscape in a new way after reading your post.I recently completed a large paortsal painting for a hospital. They are using Art as Therapy in their facilities as studies have proven the beneficial effects of art. Thanks for sharing this Susan.

    Noni, 8 years ago

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