Väter und andere Katastrophen

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  1. Feb02teamroper123456 I don’t get why he has his own movie. Yeah so what he came from a small town big whoop. What it even gonna be about hes 16 wtf is it going to have in it anyway? Pretty much any other celeb would have a much btteer movie having to do with they actually have something to put in the movie.

    Fattoum, 8 years ago

  2. I’m still very much impressed by this game wtehher that be version 1 or your recent 2.0 iteration. It’s very stylish and the concept is a lot of fun to mess around with.I really think this game could be taken that much further and I hope you continue to refine it as it could be a an even more incredibly interesting game than it already is. If there’s a flaw to be found, it’s that it’s still too easy to beat. But everything is much improved. If the game could exist on an ever larger scale scenario with more units (hard to do when you’re essentially holding to the balance of a rock/paper/scissors scenario) I can’t begin to imagine how awesome this would be.

    Justin, 8 years ago

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